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I set this Course up to replicate exactly what you would be doing if you walked into a world-class trading firm on Day 1.

I went through this exact process myself many years ago so am best placed to guide you as you work your way through the footprint, volume profile, and ultimately the VWAP in the Pro Course.

Foundation Course:

13+ Hour Of Video Content:

Module 1: Your Career Path: Business Plan (6 Training Videos) 
​Module 2: Raw Data: Time and Sales (4 Training Videos) 
​Module 3: Why Does Price Move? (3 Training Videos) 
​Module 4: Foundation Course Summary (7 Training Videos) 
​Module 5: Foundation Course Chartbook and Instructions (3 Training Videos)

Pro Course

40+ Hour Of Video Content:

​Introduction To The Pro Course (2 Training Videos) 
Stage 1: Context (AMT) (7 Training Videos) 
​Stage 2: Hypothesis Building (VWAP & Profile) (6 Training Videos) 
​Stage 3: Orderflow (Footprint & CD) (9 Training Videos) 
Tools & Downloads (4 Files)

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