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  is an internationally known trader and analyst with 20 years of experience in the markets.  Her revolutionary research into the effects of Planetary Geometry on the markets has gained her a reputation as one of the foremost experts in the field of Planetary Market Analysis.  She has been the editor of the Traders Astrological Almanac for ten years, and has published two other books entitled Basic Astrotech and The Universal Clock.  She has also spent many years developing her own software, The Galactic Trader, and the Galactic Stock Trader, which make her proprietary methods available for the public, as well as providing the first real-time platform for planetary analysis and research.

Thomas Long is Jeanne's son.  He began studying planetary geometry at the age of 13, and has continued to sharpen the techniques that Jeanne pioneered. His background in art, architecture, engineering and mathematics has enabled him to take planetary analysis to a new level of scientific precision. He began his work with the markets almost ten years ago under Jeanne's guidance.  He has helped Jeanne to develop the Galactic Trader software, and now has developed his own software using the same charting platform, called the Quick Harmonic Trader.

Jeanne and Thomas' techniques involve finding "harmonic equivalents" in price which are representative of planetary geometries. Through years of research and testing, they have found that markets will respond to these harmonic equivalents with precision to the decimal point. When markets respond with accuracy to these levels, major reversals are highly likely to develop. Jeanne and Thomas combine this information with their own system of technically based indicators to qualify new trades. They have found that when reversals occur at the precise levels created by the planetary geometry, violent price moves are about to occur. The recognition of the impending reversal allows earlier entry into profitable positions and a significant reduction of risk on new trades.

The Quick Harmonic Trader takes planetary analysis to the next level, and contains the most powerful and precise planetary analysis tool ever conceived, in an End of Day format, and at an affordable price.  Thomas provides a tutorial with the program that introduces the user to the basics of Harmonic Planetary-Price Analysis.  The Quick Harmonic Trader is designed to be the planetary analysis tool that anyone can use to enhance their market timing, while the Galactic Trader remains the finest real time planetary research and trading tool on the planet.

The research of Thomas and has moved planetary analysis into the next millennium, with precision never before seen in the trading world.  Using the Galactic Trader and Quick Harmonic Trader software to find the harmonic equivalents of planetary geometries in price, the Long's have taken the guesswork out of planetary analysis by providing the user with the Precise levels in price where the market will respond to the planets.  With these groundbreaking new methods, they have laid to rest once and for all the question of whether the markets are influenced by the geometry of the planets.

Thomas and Jeanne combine all of their planetary analysis with tested technical systems, using technical tools from the  software for confirmation of all trades.  Both the Galactic Trader and software have been designed using the same charting engine so that they can easily be combined into a powerful technical and planetary trading package.

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