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Market Timing Course Combination Models have soundly outperformed the S&P 500 since 2014 when the original Market Timing Course was released. In the 2023 edition we update all the previous work, and expand on it with a new indicator and new models!

The Market Timing Course is designed to teach investors some simple but historically effective stock market timing techniques that can be used on their own, or in combination, with the goal of increasing returns and reducing risk over the long term.

In the course shares 5 time-tested long-term market timing indicators. He shows exactly how each one works, and provides detailed historical information about each of them. He then builds on the concepts and shows how different combinations would've performed over time.

The original course, released in 2014 only contained 4 indicators, along with 3 Combination Models. The 2023 edition shows how the models from 2014 would have all outperformed the S&P 500, with less market exposure, and lower drawdown. It also introduces a new, uncorrelated indicator, and shares new models that incorporate it in with the original indicators.

The course was designed in a way that a broad spectrum of investor types could benefit. Inexperienced investors can easily understand and utilize the concepts that are taught. Experienced investors may be familiar with some of the indicators already, but to our knowledge they have never been presented elsewhere in combination. And it is the combination of these indicators that really exhibits the most powerful historical results!


Below are some of the features included with the course.

  • Both the original course and the 2023 edition are divided into 10 "lessons". Each of these is between 3-15 minutes long. Upon completion of the course, students may go back and review any of the lessons at any time (from either edition).
  • The video instruction details the indicators, their history, different combinations, and ’s expert analysis, including a discussion of how investors may want to utilize the indicators going forward.
  • Detailed spreadsheets are provided that include calculations for the price-based indicators and full signal history dating back as far as 1929.
  • Tradestation users may download the Tradestation code along with preset workspaces with the price-based indicators and strategies applied. Code is also available in Ninja-trader format.
  • RealTest and Amibroker code packages includes code for the Combination Models in addition to the indicators. It is available as an add-on.

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