— The Productization Playbook


I spent 10 years developing a skillset in corporate advertising for Fortune 500 clients. I took those skills and built an agency business of my own, and after 2 decent years, I was so tired and frustrated at the inability to scale without selling more hours, taking on more work, or hiring more people, that I knew there must be a better way. 

This is the better way.

Also available as a bundle with How to Visualize Value (Save $97)

Taught by Jack Butcher, Founder and CEO of Visualize Value.

This training breaks down the strategy and tactics I have used to scale the Visualize Value brand to $100,000/mo in revenue at a 99% profit margin (minus transaction fees), over 18 months.

This material will walk you through the process of productizing specialized knowledge in service of scaling your income, it is not a magic bullet and requires execution on your part.

This training comprises a series of videos, articles, and example exercises, designed to balance theory and practice, strip away the fluff, and get you to take confident action. 

Who is this for?

  • You have specialized knowledge
  • You generate results for your clients/customers
  • You are comfortable promoting yourself
  • You understand that results take time and effort

The Material

  • How to productize a service business
  • How to structure and build a digital training product
  • How to build a product-centric content strategy
  • How to leverage social platforms to scale
  • How to collect social proof
  • Developing a personal brand strategy

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