One of the greatest challenges we face here at Sacred Science Institute is in continuing to find new and practical material to present to our clientele that will both deepen their knowledge and, most importantly, help them to become successful traders.  In this quest, we regularly communicate with our most advanced and successful clients and discuss the possibility of their sharing their proprietary research and trading techniques with a wider audience, by producing some kind of course that would serve to advance the field of financial analysis and trading.  Many of these individuals have been conducting research or trading professionally for as long as 40 years, some for lesser periods of time, but with spectacular results or breakthrough insights, and it is to these successful researchers or traders that we turn in an attempt to convince them to share their valuable knowledge with our specialized community.

In recent years, we have shifted some of our attention away from the more abstract and esoteric studies, like Gann’s and Baumring’s complex theories of the Law of Vibration that only the most advanced students are able to penetrate, to search for more practical and directly applicable trading tools, tools that both the beginning and advanced trader can learn to apply quickly to significantly improve their trading results.  After all, as fascinating as research into esoteric market theory may be, most people who engage in this study have a primary goal of establishing their financial independence through successfully trading the markets.  Sadly, far too many well meaning and dedicated market students never reach this goal, and even after investing significant resources in their education, they still can’t trade as well as they aspire to.  It is in an attempt to resolve this ongoing problem that we have now begun to focus on a more practical type of course material, that which primarily provides directly applicable trading tools that can be understood and used successfully without years of complex and frustrating theoretical study.  It is our most sincere desire that ALL of our trusted and long term customers reach their goal of making money in the markets, and it is this intention that has led us to redirect our efforts towards producing this type of more practical course material in an effort to help everyone obtain this goal.

Through our discussions with numerous professional traders, we have identified the most fundamental necessities required to achieve the essential goal of making consistent profits in the markets.  These fundamentals turn out to be, first, effective tools that clearly identify future turning points, specifically, highly tradable points after which a significant market movement transpires.  Second, tools which identify price level entry points, exit target points, and techniques for trend determination.  And finally, good risk management!  It is somewhat universally agreed upon by successful traders that if you know WHEN to take your positions, WHERE to enter and exit your trades to maximize profits, as well as where to place your stops so as to limit your risk without getting knocked out of your positions, and HOW to determine the nature of the ensuing trend, that you will be successful in your trading endeavors.

Through this search we have been fortunate to find a few individuals who have agreed to help their fellow traders by sharing their most useful techniques that have allowed them to become successful in forecasting and trading the markets.  Some of these are more practical traders who have not deeply penetrated the greater mysteries of esoteric market theory, but have instead developed simple applied tools which anyone can understand and use without much difficulty.  Others have penetrated the depth of metaphysical understanding from which they have developed powerful and practical tools based upon fundamental scientific and esoteric principles of universal order.  But it is extremely rare to find those types who have both mastered the deeper levels of insight into this complex study, while simultaneously engineering that understanding into an applied trading methodology. The handful of people who have accomplished this feat generally refuse to share their wisdom in any kind of public or even private venue, as they consider it too valuable to give away at any price, and fear that a wider distribution of their techniques may limit the trading advantage that their insights provide for them.  But as fortune would have it, we have found a researcher and trader who has stepped forward and agreed to share his practical insights and powerful techniques with our small, specialized Gann community.

That individual is Dr. , a Cambridge educated scholar of esoteric sciences, who has dedicated his life to the research and study of the deepest cosmological and metaphysical principles.  Interestingly, Dr. Goulden never possessed an interest in money or the financial markets, but had dedicated his research solely to the understanding of theories of how consciousness and scientific principles integrate into a universal system.  His original research at Cambridge leading to his Master of Philosophy degree in the Philosophy of Science “focused on the theory-dependence of scientific observation” ultimately convincing him “that the greatest truths were to be found in the suppressed and forgotten scientific ideas of ancient civilizations and ‘primitive’ cultures, both of which indicated the primacy of consciousness as the substrate of our physical Universe.”  This insight led to his further doctoral work in metaphysics wherein he investigated “the emergent (or revived) paradigm of a multidimensional reality, carrying out experiments in subtle energy phenomena.”

One may wonder how a person with such metaphysical interests would ever become involved with the financial markets and Gann analysis, and this is one of those strange and fascinating twists of fate, the like of which has similarly led many of us to our own bizarre and passionate inquiry into the mysteries of Gann and the universe.  Essentially, the story goes as follows: Some years ago, a friend of Dr. Goulden’s who worked at an investment bank mentioned that he was attempting to apply the trading methods of W.D. Gann. Not being interested in money or the financial markets, Dr. Goulden paid little attention, but sometime later, his friend approached him again, suggesting that Gann’s methods were very esoteric, telling him, “You are the only person I’ve ever met that might understand what Gann was really doing….” Intrigued by this challenge, Dr. Goulden began to investigate the methods of Gann, seeing the exercise as that of applied metaphysics to a particular field of energy mechanics.

Over years of study, Dr. Goulden penetrated deeply into the work of Gann, discovering that his strong background in the applied and esoteric sciences happened to be the exact foundation required for understanding Gann’s complex and generally impenetrable theories.  His prior research into the relationship between consciousness and the physical universe also paralleled Gann’s fundamental assumptions about market activity, in which markets, being a construct of mass consciousness, are influenced by laws of the physical universe.  If Dr. Goulden’s similar insight that “consciousness is the substrate of physical reality” were true, then his theory also implies a direct correspondence between the laws of the physical universe and the laws which govern consciousness and market behavior.  He discovered this connection to be valid, which as his research progressed, enabled him to develop an arsenal of original proprietary trading tools, leading him to significant success in forecasting and trading the financial markets.

Some years back, Dr. Goulden came across Sacred Science Institute and purchased some materials he needed for his research, leading to an ongoing dialogue about Gann and esoterics.  Dr. Goulden informed me of his success in penetrating some of the deeper and more complex theories of Gann, and we discussed the possibility of, at some time in the future, working together to bring out some of his breakthroughs and his most applied trading techniques to my private list of serious and metaphysically oriented Gann researchers and traders.  That time has now come, and after 6 months of dedicated and diligent work, Dr. Goulden has completed the first of what will be a series of courses presenting new and powerful Gann orientated trading techniques, called .

During this dialogue, I asked Dr. Goulden to demonstrate to me his forecasting and trading expertise, and he provided me with documentation of a number of forecasts and trades that he produced over the last year.  In August of 2009, Dr. Goulden provided forecasts to a group of hedge funds, giving a two to four day time window for the next major pivot in each selected market, seven forecasts in seven different markets, T-Notes, Soybeans, Gold, Platinum, Cocoa, Cotton and Bund.  His results were impressive, seven out of seven, yielding 3,161 points in approximately 7 days, with 7 trades, in 7 different markets.  I have all of the time stamped emails confirming these predictions which I can provide to anyone who desires proof.  The forecasts and results were as follows:

  • T-Notes 20-22 August. Result - there was a pivot low on 21 August, followed by a rally of 241 points (decimal) to 2 Sept.
  • Soybeans 17-20 August. Result - there was pivot low on 17 August, followed by a 710 point rally in 6 trading days.
  • Gold 17- 20 August. Result - there was a pivot low on 17 August, followed by a 780 point rally to 8 Sept.
  • Platinum - 23/4 August. Result - there was a pivot high on 24 August, followed by a 607 point drop in 7 trading days.
  • NY Cocoa 21-24 August. Result - there was pivot high on 25 August, followed by a 257 point drop in 4 trading days.
  • NY Cotton 21- 24 August. Result - there was a pivot low on 26 August, followed by a 426 point rally in 7 days.
  • German Bund 21-24 August. Result - there was a spike low on 24 August, followed by a 140 point rally in 7 trading days.

On another occasion, December 3, 2009, Dr. Goulden entered a short trade in the Silver market at the exact top, 1946.5, only missing the extreme high of 1949.2 due to the limitations of online order execution speed, but still catching the extreme of the double top on the prior day at 1946.8.  His timing was exact almost to the minute that the extreme top was made, the trade executed at 1:38 GMT.  The Silver market then steadily declined over 480 points until February 5 to 1465.2, yielding a $12,025 return on one contract.  Again, we can provide documentation of this fact. On a recent Sacred Science Forum post seen by over 100 members on November 30, 2008, Dr. Goulden forecast that the next pivot low in the Crude Oil market, after its long plummeting decline from historical highs, would occur on the 5th of December, 2008. On December 5th, Oil made a bottom followed by a 1000 point rally in 6 days.  He then forecast, in another email I have seen, that Oil would move up from the February low of $33 to a high around $80.  Oil hit a high of $82 in October then reached $83.95 in January, 2010.  In one final example with Cotton No. 2, following the wide consolidation swings in a trading range from May 13, 2009, Dr. Goulden went long Cotton on August 26, catching, almost to the day (August 27 was a shade lower), the final major pivot low before the market rallied 1917 points to a high in early January 2010.

These examples should help to demonstrate that the techniques used by Dr. Goulden are capable of identifying future pivot points following which significant and profitable market moves ensued.  We share these examples knowing that the greatest desire of every serious Gann researcher and trader is to be able to project significant turning points in advance, and to place exact trades making large profits. These examples should help to confirm that this is possible using the tools and techniques taught by Dr. Goulden.  Not every technique that Dr. Goulden used to make all of these precise forecasts will be included in his first book, like the technique that timed the Silver market to the exact minute, but it was through using a combination of four of the technical indicators in this book that this Silver top was clearly identified and traded.  In fact, in the first weeks since the activation of the Online Forum, Dr. Goulden has already posted two real-time forecasts of the Silver market using ONLY the techniques presented in the book.  These two forecasts were both profitable generating about $7000 in 7 trading days, the first forecast clocking $4,500 in 5 days, and the second one made $2,500 in 2 days.   This shows that all of the most essential timing tools needed to forecast important pivot points, and the geometric tools used to identify essential price entry and exit points and to determine the nature of the trend are clearly presented and demonstrated in this book. His following books in the series will concentrate upon more esoteric subjects like Gann’s Square of Nine and astrological techniques, but this first book is intended as a standalone trading course providing the essential fundamentals to identify and trade profitable moves.  Dr. Goulden and I both feel that any trader should, without too much difficulty, be able to recoup the cost of this course using these practical techniques.

I will admit that upon my first quick read of this extremely deep and thought provoking work, I was left feeling a bit overwhelmed by the vastness of the metaphysical and cosmological theory which backs up the technical applications presented.  My first thought was that this book might only be for the more advanced analysts on my client list, those that had a significant foundation in Gann or Baumring type studies.  However, upon my second, slower read, wherein I concentrated specifically upon the trading applications which represent the primary focus of the work, I realized that there is no reason why even someone new to the more esoteric and scientific elements of Gann research would not be able to apply the trading methodologies as presented, without much difficulty.  It is this dichotomy that makes this book so unusual. Though being based upon a profound and deep level of insight and metaphysics, the like of which I have rarely encountered outside of Dr. Baumring’s work, the applications are very applicable, clearly presented and demonstrated through numerous chart examples in multiple markets, including stocks, commodities, Forex and Indexes, and in multiple time frames, from monthly to minute.

While the development of any of these techniques would require the study and understanding of dozens, if not hundreds of difficult texts, the distillation and trading applications presented are done in such a way that the reader is not required to have mastered any of these subjects in advance. I see this as an extraordinary benefit to both the less and more advanced students of Gann theory or general technical analysis. For those new to the subject, this practical yet profound work will propel them many years ahead of where they would otherwise be, left to their own accord, while for the more advanced researchers, these techniques will recontextualize the work they have done up to this point, integrating complex principles and insights that might have eluded them until now, taking their research into new and deeper dimensions.  This is certainly one of the deepest and most practical works in our catalog, if not in the entire literature of Gann theory and technical analysis.

Regarding the nature of the trading applications in this course, there are at least two very powerful geometric tools used for price level projection and trend determination. Then there are at least three time projection tools which determine very tradable pivot points using techniques based upon Pythagorean harmonics, vector cycles and celestial mechanics.  I say “at least” because there are variations and elaborations of each tool which can extend them in further directions and into wider applications as the reader better understands the principles that underlie them, as well as a number of very provocative hints given by the author of the deeper implications and applications of each tool.  None of these tools are overly complex, and most analysts should, within an hour or two of study, be able to immediately apply each technique to the market that they are trading, and be generating multiple cross-confirming price, price/time and time projections in a short period of time.

Again, as with most technical tools, confluences of multiple indicators determine the most significant pivot points in time and price level projections, and the integration of the tools provided in this work are extremely powerful in determining significant pivots preceding strong and very tradable market moves.  For examples of some of the time projections provided by the techniques, in their most simple form, please see this link: http://www.sacredscience.com/Goulden/Charts.htm.  As can be seen on the sample charts provided, the time projection techniques in this book determine significant turning points, far in advance, and when used together and with the price and price/time indicators, give highly desirable trade indications.

Outside of these highly practical geometric and time projection tools, as I’ve mentioned above, Dr. Goulden presents a theoretical metaphysical/cosmological construct as the basis of market phenomena that will push the envelope of even the most modern paradigm of thought.  However, besides these technical and theoretical insights, there is also presented some practical trading wisdom which will solve some problems that most traders confront on a regular basis.  For instance, how many times have you identified and entered a trade, only to have your stops hit, knocking you out of your position, then see the market take off in your anticipated direction without you?  This is a very common phenomenon, and Dr. Goulden clearly identifies why this problem occurs, essentially showing it to be a result of consensual trading with the heard consciousness of the masses.  Since so many traders use the same technical tools, like Andrews Pitchforks or Gann Angles, to identify their trades, they generally tend, through sympathetic resonance, to fall into the same patterns and thought processes.  The tools in this book serve to unveil the workings of this mass sympathetic resonance, and give corrective techniques that allow the aware trader to adjust his trading style so as to avoid the pitfalls of consensual trading

As is our standard practice, we are working with our friends at Market Analyst to create an automated toolbox of the techniques developed in this book, so as to provide click-of-a-button applications of these advanced tools using their software.  Of course, you do not need Market Analyst to apply these tools.  A simple compass, straight edge, calculator and ephemeris will allow you to execute all the techniques presented in the book, or alternatively, any other piece of software which contains these basic functions will also work. You can find a bit more detail about the kinds of peripheral subjects outside the actual trading techniques which comprise the underlying theoretical content of the work in the Table of Contents which can be found at http://www.sacredscience.com/Goulden/Contents.htm. 

Since Dr. Goulden is a new author, we have also provided a selection of interesting quotations from the book to give you a flavor of the style, quality and depth of his material. Most of this sample text represents the more metaphysical and theoretical extracts, as the technical presentation of the tools would not be as interesting or appropriate to share, but I can affirm that those explanations are very clear and precise, and are not veiled or incomplete in any way, as is often the case with more obscure authors, like Gann. You can find this sample text at the following link: http://www.sacredscience.com/Goulden/SampleText.htm.  We have also provided a brief biography of Dr. Goulden telling a bit more about his research and background which can be found at this link: http://www.sacredscience.com/Goulden/Biography.htm.

Dr. Goulden has also agreed to moderate an Online Discussion Forum, where students can ask questions of the author and discuss the work between themselves.  Dr. Goulden has asked me to make clear that he has limited time for communications, due to research and writing obligations, but that he will do his best to provide answers to needed questions and elaborate various theories and techniques presented in the book, which he has been doing in great detail so far.  He has further offered, if interest warrants, to develop some specialized study groups and discussion threads helping students to develop a deeper understanding of various underlying principles, such as astronomical applications, Pythagorean harmonics, ancient geometry, and even possibly exploring such metaphysical topics as shifts of consciousness, psychic trading and informational retrieval.  I am very happy that he has agreed to this, since the interactions on our Online Forums often provide for some of the most engaging discussion, and lead to further discoveries through the conjoined thought of the group, making them an entertaining and invaluable resource.  In the weeks since the initial release of this course, this has already become an incredibly active and informative Forum, almost doubling the content and number of practical techniques presented in the book.  The Forum further gives many isolated traders and researchers scattered across the globe the well needed opportunity to communicate and interact with their peers and fellow seekers of esoteric trading wisdom.  I have no doubt that this Forum will be the most interesting one we have ever hosted, and anyone who questions this need simply to peruse the Sample Text to glean a sense of the fascinating topics that will be discussed.  For a sense of how the first students of the course are responding both to the work and to the Online Forum, please see the Customer Feedback section at this link: http://www.sacredscience.com/Goulden/Feedback.htm. 

It should be understood that the price of this course ($3,600), though not cheap, has been set at a cost that any experienced trader knows can be made from the profits of a few decent trades using only one contract in most markets.  Again, any experienced trader will understand that if they find even one technique in this course that identifies for them a couple of trades that they otherwise would have missed, the course will pay for itself, and probably many times over.  We price these courses based upon such considerations, but also due to the fact that no knowledgeable trader or researcher would even consider sharing his trade secrets with others for much less.  Really, in the context of applicable and potentially profitable wisdom, this course is underpriced, particularly when you consider that its price is about the same as is charged for many common weekend courses on the financial markets which teach most traders very little, and is also less than a single one semester college course in any subject at any private university.  Yet how much is a single semester course really worth in comparison to applied trading knowledge, which alone has the potential of establishing the lifetime sustenance of one who learns to apply its wisdom?

I hope this presentation serves to give sufficient insight into the nature and quality of this new work. If it was not clear above, let me reiterate that I feel this book represents one of the most practical and deeper unveilings of the inner workings of Gann theory.  At the same time, the techniques are easily applicable and provide consistent and valuable trade indications, while being based upon solid scientific and esoteric principles which will surely inspire the thought of readers for a long, long time. The material is new and fresh, and I will be shocked if any of even the most advanced researchers or traders tells me that there is no new and useful material contained within it.  I strongly recommend this excellent book, and feel that both beginning and advanced analysts will find it to be a source of inspiration, insight and profit for years to come.

By Dr.
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