– Private Money Training Event

– Private Money Training Event – April 2016

This is the Private Money Training Event that happened on Apr 2016, from RE Mentor Real Estate Education Mastery Coaching

About RE Mentor Real Estate Education:

Supplies students with comprehensive real estate investing education, RE Mentor can transport you far beyond the basics – deepening your financial knowledge, sharpening your skills, and increasing your arsenal of wealth-building tools.

About the Private Money Training Event:

By the end of this intensive training event, you will know how to very successfully invest in real estate without using a dime of your own money. Over the course of 3-days, we show you exactly how to attract all the money you will ever need to fund your real estate investments, as well as have investors coming directly to you, to give you money to close your deals.


If you need a refresher on my background, I was a burned-out landscaper 14 years ago. I had:

No money (OK, that’s not totally true; I did have a whole $800 in the bank);

No time (that one is definitely true, because each night after a full day of grunting dirt and railroad ties around in my landscaping business, it was all I could do to pop a cool one and collapse in my chair in front of the TV);

No experience. My family didn’t know anything about real estate. In fact, I got the “Dave, you’re making a big mistake!” speech when I mention real estate.

I didn’t “luck into” a fortune. I instead made it using tested and proven systems I developed over time. At first, they were crude, but I hate making the same mistake twice, so I got better fast.

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